About DoctorPescado (aka Dave)

I am an academically trained as a Consumer Psychologist with over two decades of applied research experience on both the client and supplier side.  I spent a good chunk of my career in Automotive but also a fair amount of time in Financial Services, Hospitality, Restaurant, B2B, and Retail.   I started my career in banking at American Savings Bank, spent many years with the fine folks at Toyota Motor Sales. I did a brief stint at JD Power and Associates and spent a good chunk of my career at MaritzCX (formerly Maritz Research).  I also gained some agency experience with The Mars Agency here in Bentonville. I am currently SVP with ORC International leading their customer efforts.  I received my MA and Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University in Psychology and my undergraduate degree from Shippensburg University.  Learn more here.

I am an inherently curious, focused, and persistent person. I enjoy reading, writing, motorcycles, running, drinking wine, and my family…in various order depending on the day.  I believe in the Oxford comma.  Also I read that putting two spaces after a period means you are old.  I don’t care.  I hope you enjoy my blog.


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