Whether it is Voice of the Employee or Voice of the Customer I have been interviewing, surveying, emailing, and texting people for over 20 years to uncover why people do what they do.  I’ve done everything from doing intercepts at conventions to interpreting the data from enormous global tracking studies.

I started my career interviewing tire factory workers in a small town in rural Pennsylvania about self-directed work teams.  From there I moved to talking with bankers and loan consultants.  I then turned my attention to customers.  Thousands and thousands of customers.  From car buyers, banking customers, grocery shoppers, restaurant customers, business owners, purchasing managers, engineers, event attendees and too many people to remember.

As a trained psychologist I focus on the human element of the conversation and get to the underlying story; not what is just floating on the surface.  I am experienced in the art and science of survey research, behavioral data mining, and using operational data to connect the “what” with the “why”.  I have found that is as many ways of finding out as their is of knowing.

If need to figure what out what your employees or customers thinking, feeling, and doing… and why…I’m your guy.