Fast Consumer Audits

Need to figure what is going on with your retail outlets whether it is a physical location or e-commerce site?  Want to understand a specific experience that your customers and prospects are having with you or your competitors?  We can help you keep tabs on what is going on…and quick!  Worried that your products are sitting in the back room versus on the shelf?  Are they configured correctly? What does staffing look like?  What are my competitors doing?


With usually less than a 48 hour turnaround, we can access almost any retail location across the United States and Canada in any industry. We deploy virtual shoppers to go in-store and find out what is going on and provide written audits, survey responses, pictures, and/or movies.


Shops can be achieved for as low as a few dollars per shop.  Need a Mom to check out the Baby aisle in Boise or Steve to go to Sporting Goods in Seucacus?  No problem, we can send specific shoppers in for your category or retail needs.  Fast, easy, high quality, and cheap contact us for this turn key solution.