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Genchi Genbutsu — go and see for yourself

There is no substitute to going out to “look and see”. You learn so much from the context of the consumer. In fact, if you can meet them in their environment or a live usage situation, it is much more impactful.

At Curiosity we take our psychological training and combine it with years of experience in talking with customers of all walks of life to bring you deeper insights than others can.

Only in qualitative can you get under the surface of opinions to understand the root psychological cause of consumer attitudes, emotions, and motivations.

Our trained moderators have conducted focus groups in contrived locations and on work sites. We have done one-on-one interviews (IDIs) on buses, trains, airlines, and cars.  We’ve had coffee with long haul truckers, shopped with stressed out moms, and hung out at bars with retirees to understand their hopes and fears.

Bulletin boards and virtual qualitative groups are increasingly popular, but there is no substitute for looking someone in the eye and establishing a relationship bring great intimacy and insight.  Qualitative provides the structure, color, and helps fill in the “whys” to quantitative approaches.

Big projects or small, let us help you out on your next project.

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