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Whether it’s Voice of the Employee, Customer, or other Stakeholder, we have been interviewing, surveying, emailing, texting, and observing people for over 20 years to uncover why people do what they do. Everything from intercepts at conventions to interpreting the data from enormous global tracking studies and databases.

In 2019 alone we personally talked with over 2,000 people….

We focus on the human element of the conversation and get to the underlying story; not what is just floating on the surface.  We are experienced in the art and science of survey research, data mining, and using operational data to connect the “what” with the “why” to your specific business problem. If you need to figure what out what your employees or customers are thinking, feeling, and doing… and why…we are inherently curious.  We will find out.

What we do

We make the complicated simple and we make the simple actionable.

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Agile CX™

We know you have to move fast to get results and so we have developed a proven method called Agile CX™ to maximize time to value for your CX efforts.
This approach creates an iterative test-and-learn environment that has its roots in design thinking and has a proven track record in software development. We borrowed those concepts and applied them to experiential design where we move fast and put insight to work quickly.
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CX Advisory Services

Unsure what technology is the right fit for your organization? Want a second opinion on the right platform for your company?
From survey design to complete CX architecture creation, CuriosityCX can fit you with the ideal solution for your organization’s needs.
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Secondary Research

Want to understand the feather duster market quickly? Interested in what they are the new trends in forklifts? Thinking about creating a new kind of slime that doesn’t stick to carpets for kids? Wondering what your competitions is up to?
Give us a ring. We can very quickly and efficiently conduct a market scan for you of the available and gated research portals through public, private, government, and other gated sources.
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Journey Mapping

We view journey mapping differently than most. Our approach is based on the premise that journey mapping is an organizational change initiative, not a research project or process mapping project.
That’s why we get proven results from Fortune 50 companies. View five of our important approach phases.
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Deep Qualitative Insight

There is no substitute to going out to “look and see”. You learn so much from the context of the consumer. In fact, if you can meet them in their environment or situation of the use it is that much more impactful.
At Curiosity we take our psychological training and combine it with years of experience in talking with customers of all walks of life to bring you deeper insights than others can.
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Segmentation and Persona Development

We created evergreen quantitative segmentation frameworks for some of the largest companies on the planet. We use a unique qual-quant-qual sandwich approach to help bring them to life for you and your stakeholders.
This allows for the rich fidelity of qualitative insight and the ability to calibrate, score, and quantify. We also know that the research piece is just one part of the job; the other is to ensure the utility and adoption of the work by the organization.
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Quantitative Research

At Curiosity we are fast, scrappy, and high value. We have very little over head like fancy buildings and bloated executive salaries. We can deliver high value at low prices from researchers with 20+ experience.
We can also turn most quantitative studies very fast. We are modality agnostics…doing everything from door-to-door interviewing and intercepts, CATI interviews, web intercept, client list and panel online surveys, and even SMS, Messenger, and other chat based surveys.
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Predictive Analytics

Got a pile of data that you don’t know what to do with? Need to develop predictive algorithms to identify potential prospects or churn risks?
Whatever your business question is, we can help you wrangle that big data into something that will impact your business.
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Simulation and Predictive Tools

Don’t let your research sit there, experiment with ‘what if’ scenarios using our custom built simulation and predictive tool sets.
Want to know the best market mix of items to put on this self to maximize both sales and profit? Want to know how many of your product or service will sell by location and different price points? These are answers we can provide for you.
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Stuck on a problem and need lots of ideas? Give us a holler. We have access to networked of incredibly, talented, and creative folks from across the globe.
You can join in, just observe, or do nothing at all while we take your tough business problems and brainstorm possible solutions and new ways of thinking
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Creative Development

We know it’s weird for a research boutique to do creative development and execution, but we love weird. We lean into weird. We think mixing up our left and right brain folks results some pretty great stuff. Our clients seem to agree…
Creative strategy and design starts here at Curiosity and then can work with our network of experienced illustrators, graphic designers, animators, videographers, producers, talent, and editors to bring it to life.
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Storyboards, Animation, and Videos

Using our network of talented illustrators, producers, and videographers we can create anything from a basic sketched storyboard to Hollywood grade professional videos. We scale to your needs.
Whether you need research stimuli for a project, packaging or layout design, an explainer video for a new idea you are pitching or full on promotion of an existing product or service we can help you out. We are fast, cost effective, and responsive to your specific VOC or Insight needs.
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