Journey Mapping

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Journey Mapping

We view journey mapping differently than most. Our approach is based on the premise that journey mapping is an organizational change initiative, not a research project or process mapping project. That’s why we get proven results from Fortune 50 companies. Our approach has five important phases:

Where we work with you to identify personas/segments and help scope the task…whether a full blown end to end map or a portion of your customers journey.

Here we were work with a cross section of your organization to get the inside scope on what people believe the journey to be.

We talk with your customers to understand their perceptions of the friction and pleasure points in your journey today. This may or may not also include a quantitative phase. 

A workshop where we work with your stakeholders to identify and agree on areas for improvement…or even complete CX redesign

A final workshop where we facilitate brainstorming and prioritizing opportunities according to proven design thinking criteria of feasibility, desirability, and viability.

This lays the foundation of where you will want to take your organization in the future. At the end you get more than a map, you have an organization engaged and ready to implement sustainable change initiatives.

So stop selling products and services and start selling experiences. One of the first steps to doing so is conducting thorough journey mapping.

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