Are you designing your solutions with the context of users in mind? What works in Texas does not always work on small islands. Check out how to make sure your solutions work well in context
What are the key traits of successful entrepreneurs? Found out from those who have been there and succeeded...
Tesla is setting the world on fire with its amazing tech and lightening fast 0-60...but what about their weakness? It's more human than you think.
How do we keep technology helpful rather than burdensome? Having been involved in the design, testing, and development of software over the years I have found some good rules of thumb in design. Some of these you might be familiar with, some you might not, but here we go.
Come explore the latest trends and in the (semi) post COVID world of new mobility. We answer questions such as: How has the virus affected how we travel. Is it a permanent change? What is the role of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the world of new mobility? Also a special analysis on EVs in Norway where sales penetration is over 75%. What can we learn?
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It might have been that moment of silence on the water or on a tranquil desert mountain peak where you could hear your watch tick-tick-tick. It may have been the crackling of an outdoor fire enjoyed with friends or the sound of the surf hitting the shore. Maybe it was braving the rapids or being out in the crisp chill of autumn amongst rustling leaves and the faint smell of burning leaves. Perhaps it was seeing a shooting star for the first time.
We live for the gray

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